The Last Day

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The Last Day

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:45 am

The Last Day came on September 20, 2000. Those that took stock in the Mayan calendar knew it was coming, or expected to happen soon enough, others called it paranoid and the Prepress epidemic. Hoarders and Modern Surviliest always prepared had the leg up. The majority of the world on the other hand, well, they were not nearly as prepared and those that watched the sky bloom in orange and red hardly had time left, and of those fewer still survived the ashen cloud that blacked out the sun.
People knew, and people chose not to know. Ignorance is bliss after all. Some wanted to stop it and others just wanted to watch the world fall apart. Those that did got their wish as the sky fell and destroyed so much of what Humanity had built.
Though as always Humanity managed to survive as they always do. In a moderate sized town, hardly a dot on the map like so many. As the world descended into chaos they stood to weather the storm.
The earthquakes tore the land apart.
Volcano’s spewed molten lava across the land and belched more ash into the sky.
Mountains crumbled and fell to the land heaving.
Floods descended onto the cracked and burning earth accompanied by tsunamis wiping whole cities off the grid.
The Beacon in the Dark
One small town fared the raging storms and endless dark more so than others. Elkhorn.
But there was more to these events than just the disasters of the planet that seemed to strike back at the creatures that lived on it and those that survived the things that happened saw even more that had been unbelievable and myth before.
She became a beacon of light in the darkest of times. A testament to the will of Humanity. But they were not without their troubles. Because with that first year of endless night came the things that dwelt in it.
The things that go bump the Vampires, the Werewolves and the many, many others things that knocked at the door of madness came calling. The world, are what was left of it, had now been made aware of the Supernatural. Again Humanity would stand tall and fight back. The things of myth had now become part of Humanities reality.
With awareness comes a heavy price, fight the battle, dwindle your numbers, risk extinction. Or integration. Not all of these things were inherently evil, and humanity came to understand this with time. With so few humans left or so few as they would know off, life has become something so precious that the act of killing another was in fact killing oneself. And so those creatures were allowed to enter Elkhorn and integrate into society.
As humans always do they built a wall to keep themselves safe from the other things that would come. Raiders, monsters, mutations, call them what you like but they were out there. The Boarder came into being rather fast. Every truck, care, semi, shipping container, mobile home and RV were stacked in a manner to surround Elkhorn. Even the hold Federal Prison was ransacked, with its many metal bars and fences it became a Godsend to the town as it provide just as much shelter as it did in providing material to the Boarder.

But what really happened
As far as Humanities Survivors are aware of a comment roughly the size of New York struck the Moon. This caused a large amount of the Moon to break off and rain down to the plant. A chain of events from the fallout devastated the planet leading to a near extinction event. Rocks the size of buses and some even larger burned through the atmosphere and slammed into the land causing shockwaves and dust clouds to ravage the Earth.


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